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Stonehenge Tours

Where is Stonehenge

Stonehenge National Heritage

A344 Road






Stonehenge Map

Stonehenge is 2 miles West of Amesbury near the junction of A303 and A344/A360

Please use official parking area’s only if you are travelling by car, minibus or private coach.

Parking at Stonehenge may be limited

Stonehenge Disabled Access

Stonehenge provides a wide range of assistance for visitors with disabilities.

Wheelchair-users should contact the official Ticket Sales and Information Office by telephoning

(+44) (0)20 7766 7324

Visually Impaired Visitors

Large print and Braille guides are available on request. Touching Stones are also accessible at the main entrance.

Hearing Impaired Visitors

Audio tours with hearing loop in ten languages

Stonehenge Solstice

Every year there are two periods when visiting Stonehenge is either limited or increased access is available


Stonehenge Summer Solstice is held in June and this is the busiest time to visit the historic site.


Stonehenge Winter Solstice is in December and is also very busy due to increased site access.

Stonehenge Address

(+44) (0) 0870 333 1181

Stonehenge Phone Number

Hotels near Stonehenge

Like many other Tourist attractions in the UK there are a number of hotels near Stonehenge, accommodation varies from hostels to luxury hotels in Salisbury. We recommend you research the best hotel to meet your requirements.


Backpacking visitors can stop within around 10 miles of the ancient monument